How to display an artist book?

There are many different ways to display an artist book. Here are a few suggestions from members of bound : unbound.

An artist book can be a private treasure, one that may be hidden in a drawer or tucked away on a shelf, to be taken out and perused from time to time. Or it might be treated like a sculpture and presented on a shelf, desk or mantelpiece.

Displayed open on a window ledge to catch the light, or on a purpose built plinth, an artist book is a work of art to be enjoyed. It can be positioned in front of a mirror so you see the back and can appreciate better the 3D qualities. A collection of books can look good in a glass fronted cabinet or open fronted box.

An artist book invites us to display it differently from a conventional book that sits obediently, closed, on a shelf. It can open and close, but is also happy to tilt, turn, tumble: it can be hung from the ceiling. It perpetually renews and challenges our definition of what a book is and what an artist’s imagination can do with this format.

However it is displayed, it’s important that an artist book can be handled and enjoyed.

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